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What You See Below -- A Note from the Founders

The guest entries below with the salmon colored headings are taken from our written guest book and emails from visitors and important people.  The entries with the blue water headings are taken from our other online pages like VRBO.  We're pretty darn proud of these entries over a 10 year period of time.  It's difficult to maintain this kind of consistency over a decade. For our written guest book, we've copied these portions verbatim.  If we took a guest's recommendation on something, we made a note for you with a little ***  Enjoy.

May 2015 -- Email from Recent Guest -- House Just as Beautiful as the Pictures 

Our trip was wonderful.  The house was just as beautiful as the pictures.  We cooked on the grill each night and had a regular visit from a raccoon just wanting to see what was happening.   Riverbend is a great vacation spot that I would recommend to anyone.  Thanks again!  Zebulon, NC

20 Species of Fish - An Email from our Caretaker - September 2014

"The D.E.Q. contacted me yesterday wanting access to the river. I took them down... They worked [from a property adjacent to Riverbend]... up river past Riverbend... There was a team of 6 and they worked the river for about 4 hours. They collected 20 some species of fish, which was a record for them. One species, the Appalachian Darter only exists in the Little River and a short stretch of the New River. They were very impressed with the diversity of the fish and the quality of the water. I was privileged to observe their collecting, identifying and documenting all the different species. I wish you could have experienced it. I am sure you would have enjoyed it tremendously. Everyone kept talking about what a beautiful, unspoiled stretch of river this was.  See you, J..."

2014 Family Christmas Vacation - Christina Z. - December 2014
Our family of seven that included three teens and two pets stayed at the Cabin during Christmas of 2014. We had lots of room and the three-level floors allowed for that. The teens took over the first floor since it had all the game equipments/entertainment and a private full bathroom. The main level with the 2 separate bedrooms accommodated three adults, and the loft was very roomy for my husband and I. Great time was had by all! The front porch was also enjoyable, as we can see the water flowing down and was so peaceful. The first thing we wanted to do was to explore the riverfront. So, packed some food/snacks, and ample firewood, then enjoyed a nice campfire for an entire afternoon/evening. During our stay, we visited Hawksnest for snow tubing, then Antiquing. We also visited Sparta the small town near the Cabin for shopping.​  See VRBO for original entry.

Moon to Rainbow by Wendy [see photo of written guest entry above]
We've been here three days now and I can finally feel my body letting go of the stress of the corporate world.  The magic has set in!  From the first night where I watched the moon appear from the vein of clouds though the top window -- an invitation to let go -- to just now a rainstorm.  Large drops (are) bouncing off the picnic table forming concentric patterns illuminating silver pellets… And then as I turned towards the river -- a rainbow! It's arched color extending from tree to tree, framing the river in a prism of dark red, orange, yellow, indigo blue, purple, and green. Magic. Thank you for this memory.

A Time to Remember - January 2015 Visit - Salsa Girl Mint Hill, NC
Our annual girl's weekend was once again "delightful, restful, and divine" at our beloved "Riverbend."  Each visit has enabled us to draw closer to each other and to our Lord as we enjoy His beauty in this wonderful place. If the setting, surroundings and views were not enough... the owners continue to make improvements each time we come and it just gets better and better...My favorite things are the wood burning fireplace, gorgeous views of the river and woods, and the very comfy beds. Did I mention how very clean and well equipped it is too? Yes, I give it 5 stars!!! We have made many wonderful memories at Riverbend over the years. I highly recommend this charming and spacious is a very special place that refreshes the soul and restores your peace. Experience it once and you will return. Until next time Riverbend....  See VRBO for original entry.

Soothing to the Stressed Out Soul-- By J & J of Beaufort North Carolina [see photo above]‏
I really can't put into words how wonderful this whole experience has been. The cabin is beautiful and the amenities excellent. We bought folding chairs with us and set them in the river. On hot days the river water was cool and the sound of it rushing over the rocks was soothing to the stressed-out soul. My greatest joy was watching my 10-year-old daughter fishing with her father or just walking in the river with her dog. Everyone had a wonderful time. We live at the beach and have lived there all our lives so you can imagine how much we love the water, but the mountains of North Carolina are our second love. The only time we left was to buy some land on the Little River. We had a wonderful visit.

Coming Back Again and Again -- Jerry and Martha, February 2011
We've stayed at Riverbend so many times now that I'm loosing count. We keep coming back for many reasons, among which are the location, the views and the amenities. Having Sparta 15 minutes away is a huge convenience in such a rural area. It's a great place for a stroll, a little window shopping and to grab a bite to eat on a crisp autumn afternoon. We had a nice picnic on the Parkway another afternoon. We spent an afternoon at Mount Rogers as well. It's wonderful to be at either place on a weekday when you can almost have the mountains to yourself. We missed the height of the fall colors this time, but the views of the river from Riverbend really open up with the leaves gone. It's special to be able to take advantage of that view - and the sound - from almost any room in the house! We always try to spend a few hours roaming the property in good weather. I've never been so close to a flock of wild turkeys before this visit. Apparently they live on the property or somewhere nearby because we saw them several times. Of course the deer and smaller wildlife were plentiful as usual. We were also lucky enough to have several cold and rainy days. A rainy day inside of Riverbend is almost as good as a nice day tromping around outside. A good meal and a warm fire certainly take your mind off of the dampness outside. A special thank you to the owners for supplying the firewood! This was the first time we have used the WiFi capabilites and found that easy and very convenient as well. It's nice to have it if you want - and to be able to shut it off if you don't! Riverbend has always met our expectations as advertised. We have recommended it to friends and will continue to do so. We plan to visit again as soon as possible!  See VRBO for original entry.
The Kid's Perspective -- By A.P. 
We had a lot of fun. We went fishing, played ping-pong, and roasted marshmallows over the campfire. Almost everyone caught a fish. 

Girl's Weekend Retreat - Lizajanie, Charlotte, NC - November 2009
This is the most FABULOUS cabin ever! Six of us girlfriends spent the weekend at Riverbend and had the time of our lives. The kitchen was wonderful and very well equipped. We cooked homemade "zuppa Tuscana" and barbequed Asian steak on the huge gas grill! Fireplace was AWESOME as was the fire pit beside the New River. Ample wood supply already cut and stacked!!! Bathrooms are beautiful and we loved the jacuzzi tub! Everything, from furniture to appliances to decor is impecable! The owners have lovingly made this into a home, not just some rental. I'm sure many great memories have been made here! I'll definitely be back, next time with my hubby and three sons!

Class in the Woods - A Group Retreat‏ by Student [See photo above]
Our disciple class ventured up here as a surprise for our final two lessons. It is absolutely beautiful up here and it brings a calming peace when we sit and listen to the river. The paintings here are so realistic that it feels like an actual tree is there beside me. Thank you so much for the chance to stay here and letting the 12 of us become open and closer together. God created this place so that everyone could feel his wonder and Riverbend is the perfect touch. Being here is a moving experience. Thanks for letting us stay.

Thumbs-up‏ from a West Coast Builder - By C&W Berkeley, CA [photo above]
I've picked a few unfortunate place is off the Internet, so we were thrilled to walk in to this pristine, well lit, aesthetically in-tuned home. My husband-a builder in Berkeley California - marveled at the fine construction. We've had a wonderful stay - Enjoyed the Riverside campfire and the marshmallows (our two-year-old's first roasting experience). Thanks for having such a stunning and well cared for place.

NY Film Student Brings Dog on First Vacation‏ - By C.W.
It seems amazing to me to find such a quiet and remote location on the East Coast. Thank you also for allowing dogs. My dog, about 10, has never been on a true vacation. So it was fun to watch him enjoy the river and front porch so much. I'm a film student in New York and loved filming the river and this little pocket in the woods. I think I captured some nice images.  As my mom and I are packing up the car, my dog looks worried - looks like he'll really miss it here and have dreams about lying on the porch, running to the river, looking downstream, and looking upstream. Thanks again. C.W.

Flock of Turkeys in the Yard‏ - By M & J [see picture above]
We were first here in May 2004. We saw three wild turkeys then. In fact Martha almost stepped on one. I was amazed. This time we had a flock of about 15 walk thru the yard here on Tuesday. On Thursday, we had two of the sweetest dogs take up residence on our doormat. They actually spent the whole day with us. We love the place, and look forward to return visits. Our only suggestion? A king size bed would be nice.  We have been married too long to sleep that close together for a week! Thanks a bunch. (*** thanks to this renter, we now have two king beds!  And the dogs that visited that day?  They were sweet, but they don't live in the area anymore).

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